Financial KPIs, Customers Insights, and Anomaly detection  

Our Software "APERIO," adds intelligence to existent eCommerce Solutions. It digs deep in any ecosystem and transforms minutiae details to relevant facts, which are then presented in an informative dashboard. Then our unique notifications technique stimulates your team to take immediate action. Our Software also forecasts the future, detects anomalies, and more.

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Why Alithos Data?

We are an eCommerce focused company. We are dedicated to our clients' growth—no matter where they are in their eCommerce journey.  

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If you feel the urge to start your eCommerce business, but you don't know where to start. Or if you want to know more about how utilizing data can improve your margins. Then give us a call.

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Start your journey

If you are ready to sell online, then we are here to help you to jump-start your eCommerce business. With us, you will do it right from the first time without the need to pay a premium.

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Expand your presence

If you are outgrowing your current eCommerce model or want to sell your products on more channels, then we are here to help you increase your presence without any business interruptions 

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